Silent Auction Items

View the Silent Auction items for the 2017 Auction below.

B1FSU Bonanza - Butler, Large Bowl, FSU Reversible Pal (Football/Bear), Notebook, Head Rest Covers, Note Pad, Mug, Poncho, Tote BagGeorge & Shirley Donovan $185.00
B2Balloon BouquetSeminole Garden Florist $25.00
B3Crystal & Purple Stones Floral Spray BroochMike Rockwood $30.00
B4SLCC Golf Foursome with cartsSLCC $300.00
B5"Catching Some Rays" - Laminated News Article 16x24John & Judy Elias $75.00
B6Inside Homes Gift CertificateInside Homes $100.00
B7Christmas Basket: Santa figure tray, coffee mug, spatula, plate, kitchen towel, bottle of WINE, Santa wine stopperClaude & Sue McMullen $150.00
B8Balloon BouquetSeminole Garden Florist $25.00
B9Olympus FE 210 Digital Camera with 1G XD Picture CardBob & Lorena Castles $50.00
B10Lake Jovita Golf Foursome with cartsLake Jovita $300.00
B11Squeaky Clean! Cleaning Bucket, Glass Plus, Clorox Wipes, Scrub Brush, Dust Pan/Brush, Oxy Clean, Sponges, Scrubbers, Gloves, Floor Cloth & WINE!Frank Tanzella/Phyllis Boksen $85.00
B12Of the Earth Healing Center Massage : 1 hr. on heated amethyst bedMichelle Wray $75.00
B13Multi-color Crystal BroochMike Rockwood $30.00
B14Balloon BouquetSeminole Garden Florist $25.00
B152 L Golf ShirtsBob & Lorena Castles $52.00
B16Wine Tasting for up to 12 people-90 minutes, includes 8 bottles of wine & Wine ConsultantPRP Wine $300.00
B17How Does Your Garden Grow? Gardening tools, Shears, Gloves, Miracle Grow, Bulb Planter & WINE!Frank Tanzella/Phyllis Boksen $85.00
B18SLCC 3-month MembershipSLCC $780.00
B19"Hooo -Rays!" - Laminated News Article 16x24John & Judy Elias $75.00
B201/2 Hour Massage - Sandy MitchellSandy Mitchell $50.00
B212 M Golf ShirtsBob & Lorena Castles $52.00
B221/2 Day Fishing Trip for 2Roger Edelman $300.00
B23Bathroom Ensemble: 4 Plush Towels, Shell Tissue Box Cover, 2 Shell apothecary jars, Shell soap dish, Butterfly ChaserBob & Lorena Castles $125.00
B24Wine Tasting for up to 12 people-90 minutes, includes 8 bottles of wine & Wine ConsultantPRP Wine $300.00
B25Ray Ban SunglassesDr. Claude McMullen $235.00
B26SLCC Golf Foursome with cartsSLCC $300.00
B272 XL Golf Shirts Bob & Lorena Castles $56.00
B28Sapphire & Diamond Pendant with White GoldMike Rockwood $200.00
B295th Hole at the Masters - PictureJohn & Judy Elias $100.00
B30Fab CabsDr. Ruth Berry $300.00
B31Balloon BouquetSeminole Garden Florist $25.00
B32Joto's BoxBob & Lorena Castles $80.00
B33Cocktail Caddy, 3 Bowl Caddy, 9 Miniature LiqueursPhil & Muriel Crow $60.00
B342 Tickets Elvis Presley 1/6/18 + Jasmine 6-string Dreadnought Guitar Natural (spruce top & rosewood fingerboard), Guitar Stand, 4 Guitar lessonsCharles & Laura Coffman $250.00
B35Deep Blue Crystal BroochMike Rockwood $30.00
B36Cozy Up To The Fire! Beer Tub, Self-contained Fire Log, 14 Bottle of Beer, Hershey Bars, Marshmallows & Gram Crackers, YUMPhil & Muriel Crow $60.00
B37Lake Jovita Golf Foursome with cartsLake Jovita $300.00
B38Dewar 3-Tool Combo + Bit BonanzaCJ & Laura Morris $290.00
B39Wine Tasting for up to 12 people-90 minutes, includes 8 bottles of wine & Wine ConsultantPRP Wine $300.00
B40Children's Fun Bag of Penguin Crafts & Stuffed PenguinPhil & Muriel Crow $20.00
B41Baby-So-Soft: "Ducky" blue & yellow baby blanket, yellow puppy dog, musical (CD) storybook, Dora CD, Gingerbread ManLorena Castles $75.00
B42"Lemon Tree" Basket of Goodies - 2 mugs, Star Fish, "RELAX" sign, "Sea Salt Kisses" sign, Cocktail Napkins, Lemoncello Liqueur, Candle, Pinot Grigio and more!Lemon Tree - Amy McDermott $205.00
B43"Ship's Wheel" Crystal BroochMike Rockwood $30.00
B44"The Happy Tree" 18x24 water color by Oak Grove StudentOak Grove Elem Student $50.00
B45Raggedy Gators: Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, Gator outfits, extra outfit, Gator blanket 62x56, Gator PillpwcaseLorena Castles $145.00
B46"Play Ball!" - Laminated News Article 16x24John & Judy Elias $75.00
B47Crib Quilt, Bedtime Stories for Girls, Dora CDLorena Castles $75.00
B4818" Our Generation Doll & HorsePhil & Muriel Crow $78.00
B49Tactical Survival Kit with First Aid + Utility KnifeMike Rockwood $70.00
B50Joto's Pizza BoxJoto's Pizza $80.00
B512 Night Stay - Deluxe Cabin KOAKOA $400.00
B52Belleair Golf Foursome, $50 per person CART FEE NOT INCLUDEDBelleair CC $300.00
B53"Lilacs" 16x20 Framed Oil PaintingLorena Castles $250.00
B54Sports Bar Basket - $50 Gift Card, 2 Bottles of Booze, 2 ShirtsSports Bar $125.00
B55Rival Food SteamerBob & Lorena Castles $35.00
B56Outdoor/Backyard Basket - Jumbo Dominoes, Miniature Bowling Game, 5 Solar Ceramic Lamps, Picnic Tote, Serving Bowl, Towel, PlaqueBill & Phyllis Schaefer $300.00
B57Callaway Golf BagBob & Pat Matthews $50.00
B58Legos & StarWars! - Darth Vader's Star Fighter, Republic Fighter Tank, Duel on Naboo, Storm Trooper CommanderBob & Pat Matthews $195.00
B59Rudolph Car DecorationGeorge & Shirley Donovan $10.00
B60Macaroni Grill Basket - Bottle of WINE, 2 appetizers or 2 desserts, 2 wine glassesMacaroni Grill $75.00
B61Beauty Basket - $150 Gift Certificate, Keune Hair ProductsHeather Valione Gods & Godesses Hair Studio $250.00
B62WINE and Italian deli treatCapo De Monte $75.00
B63Crabby Bills Basket and Gift CardCrabby Bill's 
W1Salt LampSalt Serenity Spa $20.00
W2Salon 131 - Loma Shampoo & Moisturizer, $25 Gift CardSalon 131 $50.00
W3Personalized Door MatOakhurst Realty $89.00
W4Dry Cleaning Certificate - expires 11/4/18Hanson Cleaners $50.00
W5Cruise Holidays Gift Certificate - expies 11/4/18Cruise Holidays $50.00
W52 Haircut Certificates - expires 11/4/18Portobello Barbers $28.00
W7Three Olives Gift CardThree Olives $50.00
W8Home Depot CertificateImapp Realty $50.00
W9Portobello Nails & Spa Certificate - expires 4/3/18Portobello Nails & Spa $50.00
W10One Hour Massage - expires 11/1/18Rejuvenation Station $70.00
W11Mickey Quinn's CertificateMickey Quinn's $50.00
W12Care Animal Hospital of Seminiole CertificateCare Animal Hosp of Sem $99.00
W13Stefano's Italian Restaurant CertificateStefano's $50.00
W14Nutrition 131 Certificate - expires 11/30/18Nutrition 131 $20.00
W15Nutrition 131 Certificate - expires 11/30/18Nutrition 131 $20.00
W16Nutrition 131 Certificate - expires 11/30/18Nutrition 131 $20.00
W17Giant Teddy BearShirley & George Donovan $70.00
W18Shell LampLorena Castles $65.00
W19Guppy's Gift CardGuppy's $50.00
W20Polar Express Toy TrainShirley & George Donovan $80.00
W21Football signed by former Buc's running back Mike AlstottMike Alstott $-
W22Miller's Ale House Gift CardPaul & Patty King $100.00
W23Laos Decorative Fan and PurseShirley Donovan $20.00
W24Rays Stadium - Opening Day 26x21John & Judy Elias $100.00
W25Angry Pepper $10 Gift CertificateAngry Pepper $10.00
W268 FSU Wine Glasses & BobbleheadChristie & Dennis Pemberton $45.00
W27E & E Stakeout Grill Gift CardE & E $50.00
W28Mixing Bowl with Flowers Phil & Muriel Crow $75.00
W29Mystic Fish Gift CardMystic Fish $50.00
W30Gold & Black Dish w/ Display StandPhil & Muriel Crow $43.00
W31Chinese Decorative Fan and small Striped PurseShirley Donovan $20.00
W32Sonny's Bar-B-Q Gift CardSonny's Bar-B-Q $20.00
W33Leather "Fish" Purse from CubaShirley Donovan $30.00
W34"Major League" - Laminated News Article 16x24John & Judy Elias $75.00
W35Hamburger Mary's Gift CardHamburger Mary's $50.00
W36Coffee Lovers - 3 Coffees, 2 Mugs, Bean GrinderPhil & Muriel Crow $55.00
W37Angry Pepper $10 Gift CertificateAngry Pepper $10.00
W38Football signed by Bucs tight end Cameron Brate who made history 10/15/17 by being the only Pro Harvard grad to received a touchdown pass from a Pro Harvard grad quarterback.Cameron Brate $-
W39Miller's Ale House Gift CardMiller's Ale House $25.00
W40Oil Painting of BoatRotary Club of Seminole $350.00
W41Nepalese Kukoi (Tribal Knife)Shirley & George Donovan $40.00
W42Golden Bear Gift CardGolden Bear $40.00
W43Coffee & Chocolate - YUM! Cayman Reef Kona Coffee Liqueur, Hazelnut Heaven, Cocktail Napkins, Yankee CandleJohn & Judy Elias $50.00
W44Slyce Pizza Gift Card $50Wendy & Bill Mathews $50.00
W452 "Heart" Champagne Flutes + WineHarris & Sally Brown $40.00
W46Salt Rock gift Card $100Wendy & Bill Mathews $100.00
W47Rays' Chris Archer Bobble HeadGeorge Donovan $20.00
W48Tools! Tools! Tools! - Hammer, Wrenches, Screw Drivers, Tape Measure, Stud Finder, Level, PliersCJ & Laura Morris $155.00
W49Panera Bread Gift Card $25Tom & Liz Limroth $25.00
W50Sexes and Thinking! Somewhat mutually exclusive - "Battle of the Sexes" game and "1000 Play Thinks"Bob & Lorena Castles $35.00
W51A Perfect Brew! - Coffee Maker, Mugs, Coffees, Pancake Mix, Napkins, Kahlua LIQUEUR, Coffee Scoop, Almond Biscotti, Pumpkin Spice Whipped ToppingClaude & Sue McMullen $140.00
W52Mickey's Organic Cafe (Central Avenue)Mickey's Organic Cafe $25.00
W53Fonseca Porto Wine Basket - Tawny Port (10 and 20 yr old), Terra Bella,Fonseca Porta Coffee Table Book, Casual Wear ShirtCharles & Laura Coffman $250.00
W54Brunch for 2 at Belleair CCBelleair CC $50.00
W55Holiday Sparkle - Holiday Vase, 3 Pine Cones, 4 Holiday PlacematsJohn & Judy Elias $75.00
W56Painting LessonLorena Castles $40.00
W576 Star Wars FiguresPhil & Muriel Crow $30.00
W58Brunch for 2 at Belleair CCBelleair CC $50.00
W59"Irises" Water Color 16x20Wzuchowski-Schick $120.00
W60Holiday Reversible Placemats (4), Holiday Shower Hooks, Small Holiday Tote, SnowmanBob & Lorena Castles $65.00
W61Social/Sports Membership at Belleair CC to include Initiation Fee plus 1 month Membership DuesBelleair CC $1,000.00
W62"Sunset" Oil Painting 14x18Wzuchowski-Schick $200.00
W63Morning Delight - Coffees, 2 Coffee Mugs, Gift Cards from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald'sLorie & Larry Whitney $95.00
W64"Gourds" Water Color 11x14Wzuchowski-Schick $60.00
W65Painting LessonLorena Castles $40.00
W66"Roses Are Red" 8x10 Framed Oil PaintiingLorena Castles $75.00
W67Dine Around St. Petersburg - Gift cards from Outback, Hooters, Sonny's, Carabbas, Harold Seltzer's SteakhouseLorie & Larry Whitney $145.00
W68Basking Under the Palms - Silver Palm Chardonnay, 2 decorative "Palm" wine glasses, cocktail napkins, Yankee candle, Frontier BitesJohn & Judy Elias $50.00
W69Appetizers & Wine - Marble Server, Schmidt Bros. Cheese Knife Set, Ceramic Dip Chiller, Decorative Knife, WINE & Various Food ItemsBill & Phyllis Schaeffer $240.00
W70"Red Party" Gift Basket - 4 Tickets to Sounds of Soul Seminole Red Party 12/8/17, Maker's Mark Fire Cinnamon Liqueur, Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, Bucs NFL Teddy Bear, Cast Metal Corvette, Sounds of Soul CD, USF Drink Coolies, Ice Shot Glass moldCharles & Laura Coffman $250.00
W71Italian Dinner Basket - WINE, Pastas, Herbs, etc Bob & Pat Matthews $50.00
W72Necklace with Crystal oval beads, Sterling claspMike Rockwood $45.00